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Please download latest version of V-Up Pro 3000 / OS Program for PLENIO VXA-3000.

V-Up Pro 3000


V-Up Pro 3000 Downloading and Installation Guide

*Uninstall previous version of V-Up Pro 3000 from computer by going to Start-> control panel-> Add or Remove Programs and select V-Up Pro 3000 to uninstall.

*Downloadable file is compressed zip file. Make sure you have software to decompress downloaded file. Free trial version of WinZip is available at www.winzip.com

A. Click the "V-Up Pro 3000 Update Download".

B. When message prompts, click save and save to appropriate folder.

C. Once download is complete, go to the folder where download file is saved. Extract the contents of zip file to appropriate folder.
D. Go to folder where extracted contents are and double click "SETUP" with computer icon to start installation.
E. Follow the instruction prompted on installation screen.
F. Installation complete.
*Please refer to User's Manual or Map Upload Guide for map upload.

OS Downloading and Installation Guide

* In order to update OS, computer needs to be equpped with SD card reader or SD card reader can be purchased at any computer or electronic store.

1. Download the file and copy into "Upgrade" folder within SD card file structure.

2. Insert SD card back into the device and go to "Setting" from main menu.

3. Select "OS" within OS upgrade field.